Homelessness in Honolulu: What You Need to Know

Located in Honolulu, the Partners in Care (PIC) is a center that provides emergency services for up to 140 men per night. Established in 1986, this was Oahu's first homeless shelter and offers a vacancy network managed by the PIC to provide up-to-date information on beds and units available at shelters on Oahu. These vacancies can change without notice throughout the day, so it is important to contact the provider directly using the directory for information on vacancies at neighboring island shelters. If you are looking for additional direct help for the homeless, the State Office for Homelessness and Housing Solutions resource guide is a great place to start.

The Safe Haven Center in Chinatown is a reliable place to sleep, shower, store belongings, and receive services. Admission is made on the recommendation of four Honolulu Police Department districts in urban Honolulu and IHS outreach teams. IHS Executive Director Connie Mitchell believes this is a positive step in addressing homelessness on Oahu. The Payton nonprofit organization is one of three homeless service providers on Oahu whose operations are changing as they seek new locations.

Residents tend to oppose opening homeless services in their neighborhoods, but both Honolulu Emergency Medical Services and the Honolulu Police Department have been overwhelmed trying to care for all the homeless. No matter what your situation is, there are resources available to help those who are homeless in Honolulu. If you or someone you know is homeless, don't hesitate to reach out for help. There are organizations that can provide shelter and assistance finding a new home so that you can get back on your feet.