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Jan. 14: Sign Making and Action Team Meeting

Jan 15-17: Uncle Hank will be “occupying” Iolani palace. Makai side. bring ono goods :) OH members are encouraged to go, LISTEN, learn, observe, and support native hawaiian sovereignty. Uncle hank is a longtime warrior and activist. He’ll be having discussions. Go listen and learn.

January 16: MLK Parade (Rally @ Magic Island 7:30. March 9am)

Jan 17: Occupy W.DC & Iolani Palace (Solidarity Actions)

Jan 20: Occupy the Courts (Federal Courts - 10-5 at Punchbowl/Hale Kauwila)

Jan 23-30: Direct action against monsanto (All island action, call from Maui)

Feb 3: National day of action vs. NDAA

Feb 10: Meditation on the capital @ noon

Feb 29th: National call of action (from portland) to shut down corporations involved in ALEC practices)



Jan 18: 9-11am Capital - solidarity for healthcare rights (S.B. 1274) - NEED MORE INFO





WG Announcements


Discussions: Working GRoups and Infrastructure

General announcements

Decide next GA Facilitator, Note Taker, Stacker





media infrastructure:


art & performance:


OH Declaration (temporary):

Legislative Session Monitoring:

media PR:

spiritual wg:

Finances: Damion

Peace Keeping:



Other events happening:


jan 14: River Shout Homeless Project

jan 18: 7pm Center for Hawaiian Studies @ UH Panel on MONSANTO

jan 18: Steven Leaner SCIV 4pm

Jan 19: Neighborhood board meeting @ makiki 7pm




Darlene from Hawaii People’s Fund wants to have a meeting at Thomas Square on January 25th (informative/talk story meeting) Thursday at 6pm (With the GA being held at 7)

(de)OH needs tents! and a video camera

If anyone wants to demonstrate against animal cruelty the day Nova gets his pup out of jail (quarantine) get in touch with him/jamie


discussion: working groups/infrastructure/spokes council


Cat wants to organize a SOPA working group

D pointed out the need for a finances WG to manage accounting and funding

discussed possible alternatives and conflicts which the working groups could run into throughout an organizational process.  How to deal with working groups which have fallen apart or have no progress. issues of accountability or people floating from one WG to another, keeping things functioning.

it was suggested that an official email be created for each WG, and if the initial point of contact no longer wants to be a part, they pass it on to another person.  Or two to three (a core group) of people function as points of contact w/email info


The spokes council could also help in creating transparency in the interactive working of the groups

we all should have each others phone numbers/emails as a back up plan


discussion: when we get bill 54’d


Back up plans for when we’re tagged.  Discussion around media coverage.  Discussion around disrespecting the government/the law vs. disrespecting individuals who are carrying out the law

Hang on to Kanawai Mamalahoe like a motherfucker


proposals passed:


Compensating Madori for tents

Initiating a Spokes Council

That when we are served with Bill 54/when they come to take stuff OH members will strive to focus on the absurdity of the law and not disrespect individuals who are carrying out the law.

That those individuals who are staying at camp are empowered to (respectuflly) prank Bill 54 cops

Next GA: Saturday @ 2pm


corruptissimare publica plurimae leges


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