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The minutes from last meeting were read.


Hand gestures/consensus process were reiterated.


Proposal: smokers make effort to smoke downwind from the group
Modification: where down wind is, at every meeting


proposal: At the beginning of every meeting everyone voluntarily introduces themselves and where they're from (passed)


Proposal: that the assembly decides on a number for a quorum in order to pass proposals. Number of people present to pass proposals. twenty people makes quorum. (passed)

    comments: if quorum is not met, we can still discuss issues or break into work groups and bring whatever was discussed to the next assembly

    comments: how long do we wait for quorum? remember we're on hawaii time :)


Proposal: that we start on time

    modification: since we set a number for quorum, we will begin when we reach that number. (passed)


proposal: that we table this issue of media statements for Saturday's march, media and statement combine, discuss, and bring a proposal back to the GA (passed)


proposal: whoever is chosen to be the facilitator for next meeting crafts an agenda. structured by breaking out into working groups early on and then coming back to take workgroup proposals.

    -Mod: there should be a space at the beginning of each meeting to ask if there are amendments to the agenda



proposal: part of establishing the agenda for the GA be that we allocate time limits for different items -  which is to be decided by the facilitator (passed)


proposal: over the next couple of days can we allot some time (not a time issue but an ethos of the group issue) to discuss diversity/marginalization and other issues of privilege, oppression and intersectionality around race, class, gender, etc (especially in light of critiques/analysis of other Occupy cities)at some point having a discussion.  more of a philosophical/group ethos issue.

    -proposing that we plan to talk about it. not asking for a schedule.  decide some goals and commitments around diversity. want to keep it in the groups consciousness.

    -that we recognize where we come from, especially coming form a place of privilege. moving forward with this group, to be as strong as we can be, absolutely has to be a priority and a constant discussion

    -comment: it's easy to speak for the 99% - white liberals have been doing it forever. the hard job is to speak AS the 99%


proposal: that we schedule a time to discuss the issue stated above 

    modification: put on the agenda for up to 45 minutes of discussion at the next GA (passed)   

    -process of true democracy; keep the space patient and intentional;

    -we want to not address symptoms, we want to address causes

    --bring literature to educate people. key points about the issues.




action group:


propsal: that the beginning of the march is declared to be the corner of ala moana and atkinson; people can meet at 9:30 were GA assembles to create signs

    -modification: everyone brings supplies (passed)

proposal: action group will work with legal team to work on "crowd control" for saturday's march and that everyone who can attend the ACLU legal training (passed)


    -will start a forum to post ideas for chants and at a ga between now and saturday we will approve chants and chant leaders with the GA(passed)


proposal: before each GA people sign wave/distribute information (passed)


Proposal: starting saturday we camp at the capital building if we feel there is a critical mass appropriate for such actions

    modification: that we consider making the occupation in waikiki as an oppresive financial location

    tabled for future discussion

proposal: that we start a forum about camp locations (passed)


proposal: location of permanent camp be on the agenda at the next GA (passed)


Legal group:


report back: Friday at 5:30 legal training with ACLU.  They will be working with us on questions we have.


Proposal: that a forum discussion is started with questions/issues to bring to the ACLU training (passed)



Sustainability group:


proposal: that we make it a personal priority to search out local business and farms who are willing to donate to our cause; a forum will be started (passed)


we ask that people bring reusable water bottles to alleviate the plastic consumption


proposal: allow the sustainability group to accept donations for camping supplies.     

    -forum thread for what the needs are and what we have collected.

    -every group post a supply list for what they may need.

    -ethical food choices, try to be inclusive of those with dietary restrictions and include labels for allergies and such



statements/language group:


in the process of getting short statement of solidarity put on website/facebook


there is a google doc about the long form of statement of solidarity. contact to be part of the google doc/crafting process


proposal: on our website/facebook page we have on the front page exactly what the GA is and how it functions (passed)




proposal: language/media group draft terms of participation/disclaimer statement about posting in the forums (that will be passed through the GA) and that moderators are elected and empowered to warn those who post outside of the guidelines and subsequently remove posts/block users

    -mod: the terms of participation apply to general assembly and how we deal with one another (Passed)


be conscious of people who are around us. especially children.


report back: the facebook "issue" is that those who created the "occupy honolulu" page have not been at a GA since saturday.  Media team will ask them to be admins (and why they've been MIA).  If we do not hear from them or they do not consent we will create a new page.  For now use for fliers.  It was also suggested that we check facebook TOS


It was stated that we need to make an event page for saturday asap


proposal: when divisive rhetoric, co-opting, trolling, etc. happens on the facebook, that members are empowered to flood the facebook page with positive comments and announcements for action to bury negative, divisive, co-opting posts. (passed)


Proposal: Jimbo will write a press release about saturday's action.

    -modification: he will link up with statements group for crafting language.

    -post on forum and get feedback.

    -NY GA declaration is something we could reference.

    -bring NY declaration to larger GA to ensure we are in consensus



proposal: make the forum page (used for organizing) for registered members only

    -mod: that part of the forum is public for people to ask questions. Q&A page.



proposal: post a disclaimer on the home page regarding our affiliation with move on and other such groups. (passed)

proposal: that the domain name for the website be since have been purchased already (passed)


proposal: the proposals from labor group are put first on the agenda tomorrow

proposal: Greta as facilitator tomorrow (passed)



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Thanks for note taking and posting so quickly!

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Rebecca E
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Thanks for the notes. Can i just clarify that we voted to buy a domain name not change the groups name. i would put this in the general discussion area but the thre is locked from creating new topics. Can we remove the lock?

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Thanks, since I wasn't able to make the GA since I work nights.

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Thanks for these! We had a family thing to do last night so it's nice to be able to see what went on!!

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Thank you for posting quality minutes that are easy to read and understand.

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